The elegantly designed building has two contiguous floors measuring 6400 Sq. ft each, for hosting large Conferences Meetings and Culture events. Supportive residential accommodations with twenty rooms with double occupancy is available in the Centre. A large restaurant with space for 100 pax has been planned. Adequate parking for 200 cars is available.

Urusvati Centre serves as an ideal getaway which has a lot to offer in terms of space and nature’s bounty. With the Aravalli Hills in the background, quietly tucked away in lush and green surroundings just 2 kms from the 2nd toll on NH8 in Gurgaon, off the Jaipur Highway, Urusvati is easy to access.

The Centre has a Museum on the Folk lore of India, depicted beautifully through paintings, sculpture, musical instruments and handicrafts. It also has an Art Gallery with works of talented artists.

The Centre is ideally located for social, cultural functions and parties. Its huge lawns are buffeted by spectacular Cyprus trees giving a Mediterranean look to the garden.A large covered ground floor measuring 6000 Sq. ft. is ideal for any celebration. Requirements of more space can be accommodated in the adjacent gardens and Art Galleries.